'Eversley Outdoors' is managed by Barry Howard, Director & Chief Instructor,  'Hunter Outdoor Training '

The basis of the Project is to enable all pupils at Eversley Primary School, in Pitsea, Essex,  to add to their learning in the classroom by introducing and developing  themes and topics outdoors. The outdoor work - very much a 'laboratory for learning in new ways'  - supports their understanding, by getting 'hands-on', real, practical experience of seeing and doing, whether that be by experimenting in science based topics, using the whole school site and especially the natural world that is what we call 'Eversley Heights' - the recreation ground and surrounding areas -  to develop, for example, map skills, or by searching and researching in the natural world. We are outside and often off-site for much or all of every outdoor education session.

Hunter Outdoor Training is involved in the planning, development, and/or instruction of outdoor learning projects in schools across Essex. With over 43 years of experience delivering high quality, nationally award winning courses to Key Stages 2 - 5, the benefit of experience matched with knowledge, and passion to inspire, is clearly evident in Hunter's school projects. Hunter also act as mountain guides, survival training specialists, and environmental consultants.                                                                                

                       Looking south-east from the highest point of Eversley's recreation ground - a place we call 'Eversley Heights' .

                                                     Eversley Primary School, Crest Ave., Pitsea, Essex SS13 2EF     T: 01268 555333


NB. Most aspects of this course are the intellectual property of B.J.Howard & Hunter Outdoor Training. Be aware that outdoor education and training necessarily means the use of potentially dangerous equipment if misused, and involves being outside in all weathers albeit under the leadership of those with expertise to guide and instruct. The material, methods, philosophy, and skills, taught and delivered over the course of a school project have been exhaustively trialled and used over decades but takes no account of the potential behaviour of pupils on a day-to-day basis. No pupils work in total isolation at any time, on any course, but on a number of occasions adults are not working 'shoulder to shoulder' with them, thus giving the youth the opportunity to prove their learnt/innate ability to work at ever increasing levels of independence, which we believe is part of the process of maturing into 'fully-orbed' young people.

B.J.Howard, Project Manager.

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