Hunter Outdoor Training's 'tool box'  comprises a wide range of skills and techniques to transcend curriculum boundaries; and Hunter's experience is vast throughout the education world, military and police services, environmental study, and wilderness, mountain and Arctic expedition and research. Thus we bring to the table a lot of hard-won knowledge which is the pupils' for-the-taking.

Cross-subject links and whole-curriculum coverage at Eversley  are considerable:

Geography                          mapwork, exploration, environmental studies, expeditions, equipment knowledge, landforms and

                                               and navigation skill using compass and terrain. Cross curricular link to science and numeracy.

Maths/Numeracy              'numbers in nature' (orienteering), distance, scale, measurement, angles, and gradients. Cross

                                               curricular link to geography and physical education.

English/Literacy               stimulative original work based on activities; reading about explorers; stories. Cross curricular link

                                              to history, and citizenship.

History                                of exploration, (possibly of Plotlands), of early and ancient cultures’ eg Neolithic, Iron Age, Anglo-Saxons: use of

                                              skills. How people in every age lived, moved, and worked outdoors, visiting their skills-base. Cross

                                              curricular link to geography, science, numeracy, literacy, art.

Science                                study of trees, woods, plants, insects, the body’s energy, habitats.

                                               weather studies: the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of rainfall/temperature/wind etc

                                               soil, rocks, water purification, Fire: ignition, combustion, useage (and abusage!).

                                               First Aid: in-depth study (and qualification) through St. John Ambulance Young First Aider Award

                                               organised by the school of  injuries  and conditions and how to treat them in an emergency.   

                                               Cross curricular link to geography, environmental studies, physical education, citizenship and

                                                life skills.

Design/Technology:           building eg shelters, stretchers, bridges, geometric shapes in architecture. Cross curricular link to

                                               science, history, geography, numeracy. 

Phys Education                   health related fitness through eg orienteering, movement skills; first-aid,'body knowledge'. Cross curricular

                                               link to geography, citizenship.

Citizenship                          working together; helping; ‘going the second mile’. Understanding roles, rights, and responsibilities.

Life Skills                             team-work, leadership, communication, personal organisation, planning, decision making,

                                                listening, briefing,  problem solving, group presentations. Cross curricular link to all subjects.

Art                                          colour, texture, perspective, distance, view, and composition. Cross curricular link to history, literacy,

                                                geography, science.